Welcome to the world of live fetish chats where all your fantasies come to fruition, yes, even those dirtiest kinks you’re daydreaming about. You don’t need to imagine yourself with the hottest ladies anymore, they are all here, petite, big, blonde, redheads, we’ve got you covered on all ends of the spectrum.

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Once you step inside their sex cam shows, you’ll be greeted with a smile, and sometimes with a whip in hand that’s ready to spank your perky disobedient ass. It’s no secret that most of us like to dabble in some common fetishes, so let’s see what’s in the store for you.

Foot Fetish Webcams

The most common “taboo” fetish, there’s something so sexy about tender soles and the wiggling toes that makes your breath go heavy with lust. The kinky girls are eagerly waiting for you to rip their pantyhose and fishnet stockings off so they can show you the skin underneath and caress it.

It’s not so rare that they oil them up, make those sexy feet glow, just before they’re about to perform a nasty footjob, moans included when you do live sex sessions with them. Maybe you would rather get dominated, and there’s nothing as humiliating as getting stomped with feed and your mouth stuffed with them.

Bondage Live Chat

Tight ropes, cuffs, chains, you name it, we have it. No matter which one your poison is, the message is clear, you either want to see a sexy babe restrained, or you’re the one who needs to be held down. Then comes the teasing, the game of push and pull, a glimmer of hope turned into total despair.

But, what then? After so much build-up, it would be rude to straight-up stop, so hardcore fucking is imminent on video chat shows. Nothing screams power and control like getting begged for sex, and it usually pans out with one party getting their holes drilled so hard until they’re gaping wide.

Leather and Latex Live Sessions

The outfit makes the mistress webcam model, and when her curved body is tightly squeezed in those clothes, you can’t choose but to respect her. You’ll hear the fabric squeaking as she walks around in leather boots and clenches her fists in latex gloves, building up the tension from the very start of a session.

There’s much more to it, like leather fetish sex toys, from paddles to ballgags and buttplugs. There are no limits, and you will find soon enough how easy it is to get down on your knees and beg for mercy, you will have two choices, either respect the authority and do what’s said or be a little insufferable prick and take punishment.

The deeper you go, the kinkier it gets

If you’re a newbie, then these three fetishes will be pretty much all you need for the start but beware, you’re in for a surprise down the line in these kink cam2cam live rooms. Soon enough you will enjoy the feeling of being a slave, and your mistress is going to make you roleplay as her dog, forcing you to wear a tailed buttplug while you’re humping a pillow.

Getting blackmailed and performing random tasks throughout the day will sate your immense cravings, you will be on your toes 24/7, awaiting your next order. Who knows, you might even become a sissy, wearing a chastity lock on your cock, dressing up as a woman, and getting fucked with a strap-on.

Get a Fetish on Your Fetish

Who’s to say that kinks can’t stack? You can choose as many as you want at the same time, combine them in the best order, and turn it all into reality on a fetish sex cam site. It’s your turn to get used, humiliated, and eventually satisfied after a long private session with the best fetish models.

  • Do you feel like you’re not the same as everyone else, as if your sexual hungers are somehow insatiable, or you simply get bored too fast with vanilla sex? Well that’s because you need a fetish to fully feel alive and to hold that cock rock hard from start to finish, but I’m sure most of you already know that.

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    With our best fetish adult cam2cam shows, you are taking that whole experience to a new level. This fantastic feature allows you and a kinky cam model to watch each other, use mimicry and sounds to fill the space with sexually charged energy, and make it akin to the real thing. Maybe you’re getting humiliated for having a small cock, or you’re getting edged by a lady in leather, the point is, you’ll be living that moment when you enable cam2cam feature.

    AmiRides is one of those hot blondes in latex, with the perfect slender body, huge round tits, and a shaped ass. If you saw her walking by you in public, you’d be thinking that there is no way she would give a chance to you, and you’d be right. However, here, she knows that you’re in her wavelength, that you adore females in tight rubber clothing, and that you worship them.

    Considering she’s wearing a shiny latex jacket and some figure-hugging latex leggings, you can’t help but go straight into live cam2cam show. You are already on your knees, and she’s quite excited by that, she loves seeing men so obediently observing her. She knows that you like it kinky and naughty. For being such a good little boy, she will do a catwalk in her room for you and show off all those lavish attributes.

    Then she’ll rub her fingers over the thighs and you’ll hear that squeaking noise of latex. The closer her fingers are to the crotch, the higher-pitched the sound is, and the hornier she gets. But before you start playing with yourself, how about she pulls on a pair of latex gloves and gives you a few spanks, wouldn’t that make it better.

    Once she gets you as hard as a rock, she’ll start poring oil between her tits. She takes the jacket off, the oil slides down, covers her leggings in it, and makes it look so shiny, glowing brighter than ever. Then she whips a dildo out, grabs it firmly with her latex-gloved hands, and starts performing an exciting jerk off instruction that will get you jizzing in just a few minutes. Is that your favorite fetish?

    If you looked at the meaning of “humiliatrix” in the textbooks, you would have a picture of DevixDeRanged in there. This pale-skinned, slender, covered in tattoos domme with silver hair is both attractive and frightening to look at. She can be a cure and poison for your mind at the same time because you’ll fall for her. She can do lots of hot stuff in front of the camera if you ask her. For more private fetish webcam rooms like this one, you can check out the link I gave you above. You are going to find lots of talented performers that will help you to make nut over and over again.

    Once you’re charmed in and lulled in a false sense of security, she’s going to strike. After you’ve seen her smirking at you, wiggling in her seat, and winking, your pants will drop almost without hesitation. If you weren’t so taken over by her beauty, then you’d notice a bunch of massive dildos around this fetish slut, and no, they’re not props, she rides those. These one on one cam to cam sessions are always fun for anyone that participate in them.

    Your cock, on the other hand, can’t even come close to the size and glory of her favorite toys. So she starts humiliating you, comparing your cock to burnt-out candles, her pinky finger, and constantly laughing. Then she tells you that she’s got a way to make it grow, and it’s done by hanging weights that are tied to the tip of your cock by a string.

    All you have to do is stand upright and endure the pain, not that big of a deal. But there’s honestly no saving grace for your two-inch boner, it’s beyond repair. She will blackmail you for having such a disaster in your pants, you will be turned into a sissy, or she’s sending the pictures to everyone you know. If you oblige, well, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who will get to see her ride those massive fake dongs, and she might even let you jerk off in front of her.

    With private cam2cam chats you should always be on the lookout for some new exciting dommes. Most of the best live models are quite versatile and they’re willing to take part in plenty of fetishes, even if they don’t look like it at first. That’s why they have a massive wardrobe, and are instantly able to become anything you want of them. It is impossible to dislike these FetishCamChat.com online rooms which you can enjoy all day long if you want.

    Fetishes go beyond costumes, they’re about dedication and open-mindedness, which a lot of people lack. Thanks to top live kink cams, and especially ones that are specialized in fetishes, such a thing is no longer a “taboo”. A lot of girls are not only willing to perform such shows, but they’re experts in them and know how to bring you to the best orgasms you’ve ever had thanks to their amazing cam2cam experience full of various fetishes that you can pick.

  • Are you looking for a hot woman that will order you to remove your boxers and then show off your penis so she can tell you what she thinks about it? If that is your kink then you will love these dick rating cam shows which are full of appetizing girls from all parts of the world and they all are happy to give you honest comments about your genitalia.

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    Dick Rating Cam Shows

    Now you might be an exhibitionist that loves to get naked and flash what you got and it is especially fun when you have a beautiful babe watching you and judging your cock or maybe you are into the SPH fetish and you want to have your micropenis berated, it can be done too when you join one of these live chat rooms today.

    I like to choose Victoriax over other models when I want to have my cock rated online. She is a kinky MILf that is very experienced and she is good at many things such as gagging, role play and dirty talk. She can use a nasty language if you need that. She is dominant so she will look at your genitalia after you are commanded to take off your clothes.

    You are going to be analyzed and criticized for the size of your cock. She will make you measure that thing and then she will compare it with the last dicks that she had enjoyed and of course, unless you are eight inches or bigger, she will degrade you and tell you how small you are. She will show you how a real cock should look like and yours would never be able to give her any pleasure.

    We recommend you DonxCali if you need to get a professional cock evaluation with a hot fetish webcam slut. She is an American ebony with amazing curves and she is here to rate your genitalia on a 10 point scale. She is down to earth and she enjoys chatting with fans and she is fond of striptease, deepthroat, body worship and of course twerking.

    You can join her private right now and she will give any action just need starting just at five tokens a minute. She is a true goddess who will tell you what she really thinks about your penis and she can tell you what she would do with what you have. If are a small sized guy then she might embarrass you and make fun of you if you like humiliation and if you are average she will grab the dildo and she will suck it.

    She might also give you a JOI session in which she will give you instructions on how to stroke that dick after she gives you a judgment of your size in front of the camera. She might take a toy and she will ride it on the bed while telling you how she enjoys your dick.

    With these live dick rating chats, you no longer have to ask random girls for an opinion of your penis. On the LJ we have around 50 performers online at any moment and you can pick any host you like and she will give you comments. If you want to enjoy other kinky sex webcam sessions here is the link where you can find so many talented fetish women who are willing to do various kinks for viewers.

  • If you want to find out something about a girl’s character, then you surely notice their amazing long nails, the length, shape, and color. The longer they are, the better, because you know that you’re in for a wild ride with a bitchy mistress who can’t wait to scratch your nuts with them and poke your cock as a means of torture.

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    Long Nails Fetish Live Cams

    Each one of the online models featured on these nail fetish cam shows is like a lioness, ready to pounce at you and rile her claws deep in your flesh so you scream from the pain and bow before her in hopes of being spared. While they might be merciful, it’s all a part of the show, they’re sadistic and take great joy from playing with their prey.

    MissxMaria is one stuck-up slut, she’s mostly just sitting in her chair wearing red latex lingerie, filing the nails, and getting them extra sharp for the session. She demands nothing but pure respect from her subjects while her nails are screeching as she scrapes them across the glass, already agonizing you.

    Her sadistic behavior is just starting, you’re yet to feel her nails on you, and she’s got the perfect way to utilize them. If you really have a nail fetish then she is the right performer for you and you have to do some adult video chats with her. You’ll be bound down, with your back facing her so she can scratch your back, gradually gouging them deeper until you feel them under your skin, but make sure to remain calm because she can always go harder on you. Tell her what really turns you on about this fetish and she will do this. FetishCamChat.com has other kinky sluts like her that will perform online for you.

    Make no mistake, your cock will be rock hard, it’s what she’s counting on, and it’s all inevitable. She’s going to tickle your dick with her nails, making it pulse from each new touch until she moves them to the tip which is going to get lightly stroked with her long nails in front of the camera. But it’s all coming to an end soon because she doesn’t want you to have all the fun.

    She’s got equally long toenails, ready for a coat of lubricant over their black polish, and your mouth can help her with that. You’re going to kneel before her, gently caress her foot, while nearing it towards your mouth. Come on, suck them, lick each one of her toenails good, make your mistress proud, and you’re going to be fulfilled.

    Do you like watching webcam dommes prepare themselves for a session? Yes? Well, then you’re going to adore MrsRinaRocks. Such a bombshell like her certainly takes the time to get ready, this nail fetish girl wants to be perfect, and that includes taking care of her red nails from the ground up, and it starts with filing them to your desired size. She knows that you are into long nails and she will dominate you when you enter her live session today.

    How about 1 inch, does that sound satisfactory? You can choose the shape, and color of her polish. She’s going to slowly dip the brush inside and apply all the red on them, one by one, until it’s time to dry them off. A live cam sex is where you can have some kinky play with her. Just watching pretty lips puckering up to blow on the nails so the polish gets applied easier will give you a lot of ideas.

    Now then, once they’re finished, it’s time to pass on to the main event. Your knees will get weak, and you’re going to rattle before her glorious nails while she taps them on the handle of her leather sofa. Then she’s going to grope her majestic titties, and you’ll see how tender they are as those nails indent the flesh.

    She’s teasing you alright, and you’ll get to stroke once each time she taps her nail on a hard surface, one miss and you’re out. That’s how cruel she is, but in return, you get to see her massaging the clit with those long nails and masturbating with them, just make sure not to drool too hard over them, and you might reach an orgasm. You are going to fall in love with our private fetish cam2cam shows that are very hard to match.

    With nail fetish sex cams you can even expect some artwork on the nails of these sexy webcam models, they will come prepared after getting a manicure, with some dark colors on their nails combined with jewels. Of course, you can be their finslave, these bratty chicks don’t care how deep your pockets are, they will use your nail obsession for personal gratification.

    Getting teased and tortured with nails is a wet dream of many men like you. They’re all right here, waiting in line to grab themselves the most dedicated model who will pinch their nipples with long nails while having some live kinky play, and turn them on at the same time, and you sure don’t want to miss out on the best of them.

  • Are you a person that wants to order a submissive girl to strip down and then spank her hard to make her butt turn red and you do not stop there, because you want to see your little whore twisted in agony? There are plenty of online pain webcam sluts that are ready to take any punishment you give them because they enjoy being used and tortured by strict male masters.

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    Live Pain Webcam Slut

    You can browse as many public rooms as you want for free, but to be able to interact and have a one on one live action with one of these female slaves, you would need to create an account and buy some tokens, but do not worry, because most of the models are very affordable. Plus, sometimes LJ gives away some tokens for new accounts. Now, I am going to give you the list of the models that you should check out.

    Here is our lovely Colombian teen girl that is just nineteen years old and she is waiting on your knees for you to be tortured by you to satisfy your sadistic cravings. She goes by the nickname of PattyxWiills and she especially loves to have her massive breasts abused and she is a very popular pain whore so you can be sure that she will give you the live session you need. You can inflict suffering on this cute model and you will be surprised by how well she can handle it.

    Patty enjoys making her masters happy even when it means that she is going to be humiliated and she is going to be left screaming in pain on the floor. Of course she is a bondage slave and you can tie her up, starting with her amazing knockers and the rest of her body. You can then blindfold her and now you can give her some punishments as she deserves them. Maybe drop some candlewax on her hot juicy butt or on her asshole, it will surely make her groan loud. Did you try any of these fetish live sex shows yet?

    Like I said, she is a professional performer and she can take any amount of suffering and it can be physical or mental. You can give her humiliating tasks like making her pee into a glass and then making her smell or even taste it. Feel free to tell her to write a new name like “ugly whore” on her forehead.

    She is literally addicted to the pain so feel free to abuse her right now. You can push any big household objects you want in her mouth and grab another one and do the same thing in her asshole. What else you can do to her? How about you put pegs on her breasts and on her pussy? Do you want to slap her beautiful teen face?

    The list of things you can do to this online webcam girl is really long and she does not have many limits so you can make this pain slave suffer the way you like. You might punish her by whipping her holes and then fisting them. You are going to like our hardcore live sessions in which you are the master and you make these submissive sluts suffer. There are currently over 50 models available to do kinky video chats with and you can get naughty with them.

  • Are you maybe searching for really hot girls from the old continent that will perform all kinds of different sexual activities for you but you have no idea where to find them. Outside of the online world, it could be very hard if not impossible but there are so many European cam models that indulge in all fetishes you can only imagine. You will need to take a look at one of these kinky video chat rooms which feature so many naughty sluts from all parts of the continent.

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    DakotaxSimons Fetish Live Sex

    There are performers that are submissive and will do some bondage shows for you in which they will get tied up with the ropes and then you can torture them. They can be your slaves that are there to fulfill your all wishes as you are their master and you have to do what they want. There are plenty of European girls but the majority come from Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom but even some smaller countries like Netherlands or Hungary has some hosts on the website.

    With these private fetish live chats you can meet for example our innocent looking blonde teen like RebeccaxReds. This Czech model has got a very petite body and a very sweet face, but she always has a mind full of kinky ideas to make you rock hard. She enjoys playing with her pussy and squirting on her small titties but online high heels webcam shows get her very excited too. She is also good at giving her fans cum eating instructions and jerk off instructions.

    If you like young barely legal whores that have extremely kinky sides then make sure to choose her for your next video sex chat fun because she is so enthusiastic and just amazing that you most likely will return to her room for even more pleasure. She is still quite new as she has been camming for just two months but this makes her privates more affordable and she is actually better than most performers on the LJ already.

    You might not last long with HarleyxBlue if you are into kinky shit as she is a fetish Welsh girl that is quite experienced in the live adult entertainment. Do you want her to be your obedient schoolgirl and you are her teacher that orders her to suck your dick? She will give you a very nice blowjob and she will want you to shoot a load on her lovely face. She does many fetishes like little dick degradation, deep throat, asshole gaping and she loves to lick her toes for a dominant daddy.

    She also loves to perform sneaker fetish live cams in which she will walk around with your favorite sneakers on and she will tease you with them or she can take them off and sniff them for you if that is what makes you cum. She is there to get kinky and the weirder your kink is the better, because as a European she gets lots of pleasure from doing these online sessions for viewers.

    Do you have a thing for beautiful women smoking a cigarette? This Spanish beauty goes by the nick of HannahxMolly and she can give you a ton of pleasure with her awesome performances. She is up to make your kinky fantasies come finally true when you join her for a one on one private video chat and she can do many different kink requests to have you nut all over yourself.

    You have to let her know about your fetish and she will try to give you the best action you need. There are many things she can do from a spit play, tickling, ballons to ahegao or double penetration. She also has a lot of latex clothes and costumes to do some cosplay for you. You can stop by these fetish adult cam chat rooms anytime and you will be given a ton of top quality action which you will not get on any other site on the web. You can count on our European models that are happy to get as kinky as you want for you.

  • Madissonxferrel CEI Cam

    If you need a brunette that can offer you endless opportunities in pleasuring you then Madissonxferrel is your chick. She is a young Colombian host who does adult cam sessions for five months now and she is eager to try new stuff even though she probably has done it all already. She is especially talented in cum eating instruction so if you need a domme tell you to swallow that messy load, she will do it.

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    There are many other fetishes she is into including corporal punishment, whipping, leather, sissy training or exhibitionism. You are the director when you are having privates with her and she aims to satisfy every guy that spends time with her.

  • KylaxAnderson Kinky Cam2Cam Show

    Does anyone crave to have some spicy action with a mature blonde? Here we have KylaxAnderson for you and she is definitely experienced in many different kinks including bbc cuckolding, nipple clamps, paddling or financial domination. She just wants to make everyone that pays her a visit happy and she is ready to perform for you as long as you do not want something obscure like scat.

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    I did many fetish cam2cam shows with Kyla and she always makes me empty my balls. It is such a turn on when you know that a hot girl is watching you jerk off while she is doing what you have requested. Do not hesitate a second to check her out and take her for some one on one fun.

  • Mylamyxnx22 Kinky Video Chat

    Mylamyxnx22 is one of the most gorgeous Asian babes on the web. She’s a skinny young brunette of South East Asian origins who lives in the USA. Her titties are tiny, but they fit well on her petite body. She has a tight ass and a beautiful small pussy. Her legs and arms are so thin and elegant. And she has some delicious-looking feet. Everything about her is so feminine and mysterious. Her shows are perfect for the men who want some quality company for an arts-inclined babe. She can even paint for you naked in front of the webcam.

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    Join her for an online session and show her that you are a potent daddy who can spoil her. Do that, and she will please all your fantasies. Even though she’s so tiny and delicate, she knows how to turn the dirtiest kinks into glamorous video chat experiences. She loves to please her pussy in maddening ways with interactive sex toys that will give you control over her orgasms. And even though she has a skinny throat, she can bulge it by deepthroating on her dildos.

  • ToryxStClair Live Sex

    Even though she could have any man, Tory would rather find a man like you, the one who will torture and humiliate her, the one who’s going to turn her into a slut whenever you have that fetish live sex with her. If you’re dominant enough, she will do absolutely anything you ask of her. You should know that her sloppy blowjobs are perfect, this chick knows how to properly drool while blowing a hard cock, so put her skills to test.

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    Make her kneel before you, command her to keep eye contact while removing your underwear with her teeth to reveal a big, meaty cock. Hold her hands behind her back, and tell her to open up her mouth wide. Once you stick that dick inside and start throatfucking, you’ll see why she’s the queen of sloppy blowjobs.

    Spank her ass, her small perky tits, make her feel pain all over her body before you start fucking her tight pussy. She’s going to adore you for it, once she feels your stiffness inside of her, expect to see some ahegao faces as if she’s a hentai character. The pleasure in her orgasm face will be the thing that’s going to push you over and make you cum as well, and what she does with that semen, well, it’s on you to decide.

  • TarraxVass Kinky Webcam Shows

    It’s almost too easy to fall in love with a girl like TarraxVass because she’s so damn perfect. This ashen-haired fox looks amazing, and sexy lingerie on that voluptuous body is a dream come true. To make it even better, she’s quite versatile, so any type of show you want to try with her during kinky webcam shows is guaranteed.

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    Smoking shows she does are great, the way her beautiful lips pucker up to inhale cigarette smoke, the way she exhales it like a slut who eye-fucks you throughout the whole ordeal. You should definitely make her oil her whole body up. It becomes so slick, glowing, and slippery to the point where her fingers instinctively slip inside the pussy.

    Or even better, she bends over in nylons, you worship her booty while she’s drizzling oil all over it, and then she rips it open to expose her tight bunghole in front of the camera. She will pound it hard with a dildo just the way you would like to when you step into FetishCamChat. Tell her all the things you’d do to that ass, how hard and deep you’d plow it until she makes you cum harder than you ever have.