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Sometimes pain leads to pleasure, especially if it’s gruesome and borderline unbearable, but once it stops and you feel that relief, that’s when all the excitement kicks in. But before that, there’s gonna be some kicking in your groin, and if you’re interested in that kind of deal, then you already know what awaits you.

Here they are, women who love seeing a man crunched in a fetus position after they’ve done some hard work on their nuts. You’ll surrender yourself to them, and brace for a strong kick between your legs. The girls who are on the giving end of the ballbusting fetish take great joy out of humiliating their submissives, and they are all here on our live ballbusting cam chat sessions.

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For starters, there are some younger chicks, but it doesn’t mean that they’re any less fierce. KendallSummer is an 18-year-old babe with red hair and a bunch of tattoos all over her body, and not to forget that she’s extremely dominant. Although she loves busting nuts, she loves to go easy at first and slowly introduce you to the intricate world of ballbusting fetish.

Naturally, she makes you strip down, but she likes her subjects lying facedown, so they don’t know what to expect. You spread your legs far and wide so she can have unrestricted access to your nuts. She leans in and starts whispering into your ear, and of course, you get aroused, then you feel her touching your balls, fiddling them with her fingers, all until she crunches them a bit.

Your whole body gets electrified there for a moment, but then she switches to a leather cane. Then it starts, one hit, and another one, all landing consecutively, bringing great suffering to your balls during a video chat action. Once you get used to it, she will step up the play, you are ordered to turn around, she wants to see your red face.

She can see you’re hard, what she’s doing is exciting, and you want more. So, she tells you to grab your cock and jerk off, close your eyes and enjoy the moment. You lose your mind, but it’s not yet over, she gives you a kick in the nuts, busting your balls from time to time, telling you to jerk it faster, everything gets intense, and if you want it to stop, then better cum soon or she’ll keep kicking.

Girls like LovelyBeccaa are truly something else, she’s a real stunner, slender, big titties, the face of an angel, but it’s all a façade. This latex webcam mistress just wants to punish weak men like you, there’s some bottled-up rage that needs to be released on these fetish live sex shows, and there’s no better way than ballbusting. She’ll be all sweet with you, luring you, teasing, making sure you’re entertained until she gets you bound.

You’re in a standing position, nude, your limbs restrained, she gets closer to you. Her face is right against yours, you’re preparing for a kiss, and then suddenly she grabs onto your balls and starts pressing them together, harder and harder. She wants to see the fear in your eyes, that’s why she’s so close, and then there you are, going through all this pain, and begging her to stop.

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Tough luck, because she’s just starting, she’s lighting a candle and placing it under your nuts. It only lasts for a couple of seconds at a time, but the burning sensation is evidently making you uncomfortable in the ball busting webcam rooms. All the begging and pleading will make her stop she’s tired of hearing you squeal like a rat, she’s going to shush you up for real now.

Her pretty bare feet, they’re so cute, at least until she swings a kick to your balls. Then she keeps going repeatedly, over and over again, the pain gets unbearable, and even a tear rolls down your cheek. Alright, alright, it will pay off in the end, she’ll give you a hand and jerk your cock off, you’re going to love it. However, she wouldn’t be a cruel mistress if there wasn’t a punishment in the end. Once she milks your cock in a cup, you’ll have to drink that semen of yours, it’s either that or she keeps ballbusting you.

Ballbusting doesn’t necessarily have to be kicking, there are plenty of other ways to smash some nuts. It can be done with electricity, by twisting them, leaning in with a knee or an elbow on them, and some dommes have their own creative ways that are yet to be explored. There are various levels of pain that you experience throughout a ballbusting cams chat show, and it all depends on how much you can take.

If something is too far for your tolerance, then don’t worry, say the magic word and it’s going to stop. However, some girls don’t allow it, you either go by their rules or you don’t get to see them in private at all. They want a slave to get the full adrenaline rush which is exactly the reason you’re visiting out live fetish rooms online.