ToryxStClair Live Sex

ToryxStClair Live Sex

Even though she could have any man, Tory would rather find a man like you, the one who will torture and humiliate her, the one who’s going to turn her into a slut whenever you have that fetish live sex with her. If you’re dominant enough, she will do absolutely anything you ask of her. You should know that her sloppy blowjobs are perfect, this chick knows how to properly drool while blowing a hard cock, so put her skills to test.

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Make her kneel before you, command her to keep eye contact while removing your underwear with her teeth to reveal a big, meaty cock. Hold her hands behind her back, and tell her to open up her mouth wide. Once you stick that dick inside and start throatfucking, you’ll see why she’s the queen of sloppy blowjobs.

Spank her ass, her small perky tits, make her feel pain all over her body before you start fucking her tight pussy. She’s going to adore you for it, once she feels your stiffness inside of her, expect to see some ahegao faces as if she’s a hentai character. The pleasure in her orgasm face will be the thing that’s going to push you over and make you cum as well, and what she does with that semen, well, it’s on you to decide.