Live Slave Training Cams

If you are a submissive man and you don’t have a trainer in your life, you can find a dominatrix who can take control of you online. And we have the best recommendations for live slave training cams below. All the mistresses we recommend have the experience and the skills to make you fall at their feet and follow every order they throw your way.

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Are you ready to polish the heels of your mistress with your tongue and clean her smelly feet? These are just a few assignments that our models have for you. You won’t believe how realistic these sessions will feel. You’ll be trained properly when you start a session with any of our strict women.

LadyxKatrina is the toughest and most brutal webcam domina you will find on the LJ website. The look in her eyes will intimidate you and no matter what your slave fantasy is, she will please it. More than that, she will push you over your boundaries and make you an obedient sub who takes pleasure from pain and humiliation. One of the things she loves to do the most is bi-encouragement slave training. She will make you confess to your wild sissy and cuckold fantasies.

She will order you to take off your clothes and then she will spit on your body because it is so awful and not to mention your dick that she would never touch with her hands, she could only whip it. She will even make you hurt yourself through self-CBT in front of the camera while she talks dirty to you and humiliates you in the dirtiest kinks. But there are so many other ways in which she can train you into submission. Join her for a private webcam chat and you won’t believe how kinky things will get.

MistressxTaylor is the kind of mistress who will train you with a big smile on her face. If you want to be humiliated and degraded by a mistress who doesn’t take you seriously, you must join her for an online kinky chat now. She loves to start her slave training sessions by asserting the body of her slaves. And that means small penis humiliation. She will make you feel worthless so that she can control you and make you crave her approval. I hope that you are comfortable with having your ass stretched by her because she will bang your asshole with a strap on dildo whenever you enjoy the best pegging webcams with her. If that is kinky for you then she will make you her own male bitch that submits to her so she can abuse your butt anytime she wants.

But she will only validate you if you follow all her orders. If you are a good live cam slave, she might even be turned on by the whole session, and she will start masturbating while talking dirty to you and watching you degrade yourself in cam2cam live shows for her entertainment. Be a good slave, and maybe she will even let you cum when you are in a live session with her.

MoonxWills is the perfect young sexy mistress for men who crave attention and punishments from bratty dominas. She might be young, but she knows how to control men who are old enough to be her father. You will feel the famed Latina craziness when she starts doing her thing in a private session of slave training in which she will force you to turn on your camera so that she can see your obedience.

She is a pro domme so she knows very well how to train submissive men like you and me so you can expect her give you tasks like locking your pathetic dick in a chastity cage for her so you can not jerk off, licking your own piss off of the floor or wearing a make up and wig and dressing up as a schoolgirl. Join her for a webcam chat, and you won’t want to be trained by a MILF ever again. She is the one who can prove that young webcam girls are more creative and up-to-date with all the training techniques for horny submissive slave men.

What’s fun about this young hottie is the fact that she won’t hold back on nudity and masturbation in her shows. This kinky teen will strip and play with herself while giving you orders. You’ll have so many reasons to cum in her shows. But you should always ask her for permission.

Do you enjoy being abused by cruel women that have a total control over you? Here are some experienced mistress models that are there to train submissive males so you can become a proper slave who serves her all the time. Putting you on a leash, writing down terms like small dicked loser on your cock, having you clamp your nipples or having you ride a big dildo are just a few slave tasks that you have to be prepared to fulfill when you decide to have a live cam sex with one of these dommes.