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If you like females who are truly free spirits, those who act natural and love to bend over, show off their plump booty, and release a fart, then we’ve got something special for you. Our fart sex cams are the only place where those types of women can be found, and they aren’t shy about releasing one in the wind so you can smell it and adore them.

Some models love to pump their booty holes full of air by riding massive dildos, and then, after they’re pounded, you’ll hear a long deep fart. Others love to act shy around their viewer, and then just slightly lean to the side to release a silent wind, but there are also dominant babes who can’t wait to sit on your face and fart right in it.

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Fart Sex Cams

Princess_fart_sparkles is one of those teen models who want to get playful with you by showing off her body and exposing all the secrets that hide between her booty cheeks. She’s truly a princess who will seduce you the moment you step into the private show by simply bending over in her pink panties and posing with that tight young ass.

“You want to smell my farts, daddy?”, she’ll say while clenching her abdomen to release a fart, so you better get closer and inhale it all. Then she’ll guide you on a journey, tell you how to grab your cock and stroke it during a farting video chat session, while she’s slowly pulling the panties down. Bet you want to see her asshole clenching and spreading while she farts next time?

Then don’t go fast, this girl wants to take her time with you, get your blood boiling until you’re harder than you ever were. She won’t take her panties off fully unless you start begging her. Once she hears those magic words, you’ll get rewarded with a wonderful sight of her fully exposed bunghole between round, firm booty cheeks.

And then it happens, she lets one out, you see the sphincter opening up, it’s like she’s inviting a cock inside. A dildo will suffice, it’s stiff enough to represent your cock, and now she’ll be the one following your instructions. Tell her how deep to go, how hard, you’ll want her to stuff that ass properly, so she can release one final fart once it’s done, all while you’re orgasming.

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Or maybe you’d like someone more experienced like VanessaOdette, a blonde, tattooed MILF that knows how to take control in her hands. She loves humiliating men, and you might be the perfect fit, a miserable little man who likes sniffing butts on live fart sex webcams. Well, she’ll show you. Strip down for your mistress and stand still.

The sight of her body in a latex skirt, long legs clad in fishnets, all of it makes you hard. But she wants nothing to do with your poor little cock right now, she wants you to worship her. So you better kneel down and start saying all the sweet things, praise her godlike curves, tell her that she’s the one controlling every inch of your body.

If you’re a good boy, she’s going to tell you to lay down, and then you’ll get a mouthful of her ass, but with panties on. Then she’ll fart and the stench is going to hit you, but even more is kept around on her panties, they soak up the smell of the fart. What’s wrong, you don’t like it? Well, you better start licking her panties in her adult chat room if you want it to stop.

Then you’ll get bound, with that dick hanging about, longing for a touch. She’ll ignore it, and instead stuff your ass with her panties, and make you watch as she starts playing with her booty. Just when you think it can’t get any harder to contain yourself, she starts cumming, her body trembling, and her booty as well because she’s going to release a loud, vibrating fart. You’re just there, unable to play with yourself, but who knows, maybe the sensory overload makes you cum without a touch.

If you love to sexualize farts and are obsessed with them, then there’s hardly any other way to please those desires than going for these fart fetish sex cam sites. Imagine suggesting that to someone just to get some odd looks, we know, we know, that’s the usual reaction you get while telling a girl to fart for you, no matter how long you’ve been involved.

Your luck has turned for the better, these ladies would love to do it for you, they get a sense of empowerment while releasing a toot in your face, or simply by doing it for you to see. It’s a tight-knit community of fart fetish enthusiasts, so you’re granted to fulfill it with someone who thinks exactly like you.